Our sustainability practices are guided by a focus on creating the best possible beer today and tomorrow.

Environmental Stewardship
A brewer needs clean water, healthy grains, and quality ingredients to make great beer.

We’re fortunate to have a natural water source on our land. And it’s wonderful to have neighboring farms so dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices. Many fruits and vegetables will come from within a few miles of Wheatland Spring from farmers we know and trust.

We also go to great lengths to find people that share our commitment to sustainable practices, including grain producers and maltsters.

It’s not only about ingredients, but also what we do with them. Spent grain is given to our neighbors for their livestock.

Our brewery is 100% electric. This means there are zero local fossil fuel emissions from making beer at Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery.

We also focus on reuse. We’re repurposing existing buildings for brewery operations and guest spaces. This includes brewing, ingredient processing, storage, taproom, and barrel aging.

Looking ahead, our goal is to have a carbon neutral footprint and be zero waste-to-landfill. It’s ambitious, but it’s important to us.

Operational Responsibility
The Wheatland Spring team is the reason the farm has healthy crops, the beer tastes good, the food hits the spot, and the barns are one-of-a-kind. We take seriously the role Wheatland Spring plays in the lives of people on our team, local area, and county.

Community Support and Impact
No farm brewery is an island. The mutually-beneficial relationship between Wheatland Spring and our community is important. We engage with our community every day. This is a big source of happiness, strength, and pride for us.

Over longer-term engagements, we look for opportunities to make a lasting impact with our community across three primary areas:

  • Increasing children’s agricultural engagement and education;

  • Developing children’s affinity for biology, chemistry, and physics;

  • Invigorating the rural economy for sustainable growth.

Are you in Loudoun County and focused on one of these areas with an idea to partner? Please be in touch.