Greater Than a Sum of Its Parts

We strive to make beautiful beer. Since beer is an agricultural product, we’re focused on using the highest quality ingredients available to us. This includes: water, grains, hops, yeast, fruits, vegetables, honey, herbs, and spices.

What does this mean in practice? Our water comes from a natural source hundreds of feet below the brewhouse. The vast majority of our grains come from our farm, Virginia farms, or regional farms (North Carolina, Pennsylvania). Our domesticated yeast comes from 30 minutes away and our wild yeast comes from 30 feet away. We work with a grower 15 miles down the road for some of the hops we use. Fruits and vegetables are grown on our farm, neighboring farms, and other farms in the area. Our honey comes from bees 10 minutes up the road.

Close to Home

There are a lot of great people, places, and products around the world, but we choose to support our Loudoun neighbors, fellow Virginians, and friends across the region whenever possible.

Why? There are a few reasons in particular:

We’ve found the closer we source goods and services through person-to-person relationships, the more people tend to care about quality and the more value is placed on long-term partnerships.

We think supporting our community, state, and regional businesses is a good way to play a role in building a strong local economy. In particular, we’re focused on strengthening small agriculture.

The fewer miles something has to travel means less energy is used, roads aren’t as congested, and fewer pollutants enter our shared environment.

Of course we source goods and services from outside of our region. Sacrificing quality for proximity runs against what we aim to do. There are times when the highest quality things are only available from far away, so that’s where we go. But we still do our best to work close to home whenever we can.