Wheatland Spring Makes LAND BEEr.

Beer is an agricultural product and it has the capacity to reflect the character of the farm, surroundings, and growing region where the ingredients are harvested and processed.

We’re focused on making the highest quality beer possible, so our approach is to grow on our farm the highest quality ingredients we can and carefully source the remainder from trusted farmers and partners. The result is beer that reflects the character of the land from which it comes. 

We call this Land Beer. 

Our approach to Land Beer follows the German Landbier tradition with a strong regional agricultural focus and artisanal heritage. Land Beer as we’ve interpreted it primarily comes into being through two constituent parts: ingredients and methods. 


For us, using grains grown on our farm a hundred feet from the brewhouse; water from an aquifer directly below our fields; produce grown next to the grains; and yeast captured from our field is the most direct way we’re able to reflect our place in Land Beer. 

Some of the beer we make has a larger portion of ingredients from our farm than other beer we make. That’s the nature of a small farm brewery. As many ingredients as possible come from the land we have available. For everything else, we look first to our farming neighbors and next to our partners further afield in our growing region for the highest quality ingredients we can find. We’re grateful that our region affords us a number of ways to express its identity in our Land Beer though grains, hops, fruits, vegetables, honey, and herbs. Nearly all of the grains we use are either from our farm or growing region.

Sometimes we’ll venture outside of our surroundings to reflect and pay homage to another growing region. Exploring other regions can be rewarding and a great way to grow our own understanding of the connection between agriculture and beer. We’re always learning because Mother Nature is always in charge. 


Once we have the highest quality ingredients available, our focus turns to the most effective methods the character of those ingredients can be expressed. Our approach is almost never the most cost effective and seldom the most efficient. We do this to coax from each ingredient its truest flavor expression. Here’s where the art and science of brewing meet.

We work to create just the right environment to balance the combination of ingredient flavors. If we’re able to do this, we’re on a path to the best possible beer we’re able to produce. This is our approach. Every single time we brew.


Done a certain way, beer can reflect its provenance. But the poetry of that idea only works if the beer is enjoyable to drink, or interesting, or challenging, or exceptional. Or all of those qualities. 

Our approach to creating Land Beer is focused on: Putting quality over consistency; Celebrating natural variation; Highlighting the significance small batch produce has on regional identity.

We hope our Land Beer is as much a pleasure for you to enjoy as it is rewarding for us to create. We look forward to seeing you around the farm. 

Zum Wohl!