On Tap

du Terrain - Brett Grisette 3.9% ABV // 20 BU
Honeysuckle, Lemon Zest, Wildflower, Cream of Wheat, Fresh baled Hay

du Terrain is our interpretation of the Grisette beer style originating from the Hainaut region of Belgium. It’s built on a base of floor malted Pilsner malt, with body from the regionally grown and malted wheat. Oats and raw wheat offer earthy undertones while local hay expresses pleasant field aromatics. This foundation is complimented by native Virginia saison yeast and a blend of house-cultured Brettanomyces. The combination creates a mildly sour, tart, and spritzy field beer.

Found Artifacts - Pilsner 4.8% // 31 BU
Homemade Bread, Peeled Cucumber, Herb Garden

Pilsner remains our muse. A time-capsule in a glass, reflecting both unrefined tradition and elegant modernity. Regionally grown and delicately malted Pilsner malt is the showcase of this bright and quenching country beer.

Bear Witness - Wit 4.2% // 5 BU
Citrus Zest, Rosewater, Tart, Delicate Cloves

A refreshing and updated take on the traditional Witbier of Belgium. Rose Hips and Gojiberries sourced from our friends at Dominion Tea in Purcellville were used to add fresh zest to the Wit. Fermented with a native Virginia Saison yeast and mashed with a blend of local Spelt, Buckwheat, and Winter Wheat. Finished with freshly zested Valencia Orange peel.  

Bygone - Country Ale 3.4% // 28 BU
Warm Golden Toast, Fresh Baked Biscuit, Spring garden, Woods

Bygone is our interpretation of traditional British pub ale. Also known as an “Ordinary Bitter,” this beer is balanced between hop and malt. A blend of high kiln Aromatic and Bruehmalt combine to create a lush and balanced foundation for this smooth golden ale. Exclusively hopped with Whitbread Goldings from the United Kingdom.  

Bauernhof - Alt 4.9% ABV // 35 BU 
Bakers Chocolate, Toffee, Toasted Hazelnut, Chicory, Brûlée 

Bauernhof Alt is inspired by the classic Altbier of Dusseldorf’s Old Town, viewed through the lens of our farming community. Brewed with regionally grown Triticale and smooth black roasted Winter Wheat along with German Magnum and Select hops. 

Tests of Time - American IPA 6.7% // 70 BU
Apricot flesh, Old pine, Kettle corn, Marmalade 

Tests of Time is an enduring and steadfast IPA. Simcoe and Chinook combine on a base of regionally grown Pale and Pilsner malts to create this unfiltered, classic American IPA. 

Homestead - Pale Ale 6.1% // 45 BU
Ripe Papaya, Grapefruit Zest, Fresh Cantaloupe, Douglas Fir

Homestead is our regionally grown Pale Ale. Brewed with a base of Virginia-grown and malted Pilsner, Munich, and Crystal malts. Dry hopped with Loudoun County-grown Chinook supplied by Fabbioli Cellars.

Hardest Hue to Hold - New England IPA 7.1% ABV // 35 BU
Ripe peach, Candied mango, Resinous pine sap, Grapefruit juice

This New England IPA is bursting with assertive tropical hop aromas and a soft, supple bitterness. The beer is built on a base of Virginia grown and malted Pilsner malt, with its flavor and mouthfeel messaged by a velvety blend of malted and unmalted wheat, oats, and a hint of low color crystal malt. Dry hopped at high krausen with Centennial and then further double-dry-hopped with fragrant Amarillo and Simcoe. It’s a keepah, bub!


Wheatland Spring growlers are available to-go for any beer on tap. We’ll also fill your clean growlers, except for those with twist caps. We’d like to ensure the beer is enjoyed as fresh as it comes out of the tap and reserve the right to decline a fill if the growler isn’t in good condition. All growlers are for offsite consumption only.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Apfelschorle (house made apple soda)

Cane sugar Cola in bottles

Zero calorie Cola

Green Iced Tea

Juice boxes


Outside food and beverage are not permitted. Guests are offered for purchase freshly prepared meals and snacks every day the brewery is open.

Thursdays and Fridays
Prepared hearty Sandwiches by Lovettsville’s Market Table Bistro will be available for purchase.

Saturdays and Sundays
Delicious meals prepared onsite by Lovettsville’s Market Table Bistro will be available for purchase.