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Earth to Enjoyment

The water, grains, fruits, vegetables, and microflora from our surroundings capture the character of Wheatland. Because reflecting our land is central to our approach, we do our best to use as many natural ingredients from our area as possible.

Wheatland Spring collects water from a source hundreds of feet below our fields. This water forms the basis for all of the beer we make.

We’ve reestablished our fields with 18 acres of wheat. We’re also in the process of sourcing grains from regional maltsters.

Fruits and Vegetables
We’re planning to establish fruits and vegetables on the farm for use in future beers. In addition to our own fruits and vegetables, neighboring farms produce outstanding, sustainably-produced fruits and vegetables that we use.

We are thankful to be surrounded by a thriving, sustainable agricultural community. Beyond our neighboring farms’ excellent offerings, they also contribute to the availability of microflora in our local environment. These microflora help to create spontaneously fermented beers that only exist in Wheatland.