We brew beer in a century old barn.

Across from the 1920’s Corn Crib barn brewery is the 1870’s Bank Barn. Just as the Corn Crib barn will return to farm service as a brewery, the Bank Barn also finds new purpose.

We’re reusing the Bank Barn’s grain bins, hay maw, tractor aisle, and livestock bays to process ingredients, barrel age beer, and as a place for guests to byde their time.

The barns were constructed using traditional timber framing and masonry methods. In an effort to preserve these historic barns, we’re working with one of the nation’s leading stonemason and timber framing restoration teams.

We’re taking great pains to adapt the barns for today’s agricultural use in the same vernacular as the original builders. Our adaptation approach: if the original craftsmen showed up today, they would do things just as we are.

Wheatland Spring is part of our shared living history and it’s for everyone to enjoy.