Wheatland Spring is tucked away on 30 acres of rolling Virginia farmland. Named for its natural water source, the property was established circa 1832 and has operated, on-and-off, as a farm for nearly two hundred years. We look forward to celebrating the property’s bicentennial as it returns to a working farm.


The brewery is an extension of our collective American and European brewing heritage. Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery is our sincere interpretation of what a European small farm brewery from the 1800’s would be if operating in Virginia today.


Make beautiful beer that celebrates our region and strengthens small farms.

Fork & Rake Symbol

The symbol is made of two implements used by farmers and brewers for centuries: a farmer’s pitchfork and brewer’s mash rake. These tools capture our focus on hand made beer that reflects our surroundings. This intention is in service to small-scale agriculture.